Primetime Emmys celebrates curvy women!

Turns out apples and pears aren’t just for fancy fruit baskets. Here are seven Emmy-nominated, voluptuous thespians who deserve an award for real-woman appeal.

Christina Hendricks

1. Christina Hendricks

Va-va-va-voom! This lady drives men of all ages wild — and she can act, too. Her sumptuous curves are her signature style, and boy, can she flaunt them! The rumor in Hollywood is that HBO’s Mad Men producers forbid any of their actresses from hitting the gym so that they can maintain the body type typical of the late 1960’s, before Twiggy became en vogue and Jane Fonda worked us out.

Kathy Bates

2. Kathy Bates

We’ve loved her since Misery, for which she won the Oscar, and we’re missing the NBC show Harry’s Law since it’s been cancelled. Fingers crossed this year for Kathy in the “Best Actress in a Dramatic Series” category. If she wins, this will be her first Emmy.

Lena Dunham

3. Lena Dunham

Dunham is a double threat — she’s nominated for two Emmys in both acting and writing for the HBO show Girls. Lena has her own quirky style, sort of the Zooey Deschanel of hardcore nerdland — she’s simply adorkable, but her odds are twice as good as Zooey’s.

Melissa McCarthy

4. Melissa McCarthy

This funny-bunny won the Emmy last year for playing Molly in the hit CBS show Mike & Molly. The comedic soul of the film Bridesmaids, it’s a long shot that McCarthy will bring home the statue two years in a row, but we’re rooting for her.

Margaret Cho

5. Margaret Cho

Nominated this year for “Guest Actress in a Comedy Series,” Margaret Cho failed to bring home the Emmy in 2006, when she was nominated for the same role, playing Kim Jong-il on 30 Rock. She again faces stiff competition from the likes of Elizabeth Banks and Maya Rudolph, but we love her fearless acting style.

Loretta Devine

6. Loretta Devine

Given the fact that she’s been nominated for “Guest Actress in Drama Series” two years in a row and won last year for her role as Adele Webber in Grey’s Anatomy, is it really fair to root for Loretta Divine again?

Merritt Wever

7. Merritt Wever

This is Merritt’s first Emmy nom — aww! We love her misguided goody-two-shoes act on Nurse Jackie, but can she hit a home run her first time at bat? Hate to say it, but Sofia Vergara may just have a bit of an edge.

Who do you want to win an Emmy?

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