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“This Man Beats Women” label seen on Chris Brown CDs

There seem to be more people out there who can’t forgive, or forget, Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna. They include domestic violence advocates and even music journalists.

Chris Brown

No matter that Rihanna seems to have forgiven Chris Brown for assaulting her in 2009, many still don’t. This was evidenced this week at London store HMV, where Twitter @piercepenniless took a photo of anti–domestic violence stickers adorning Brown’s album.

“WARNING: Do not buy this album! This man beats women,” said the stickers.

The head of press and PR for HMV, Gennaro Castaldo, said the labels were not put on by the store and were quickly removed.

“Someone went into one of our stores and put the stickers on,” Castaldo told the Huffington Post in a statement. “We spotted and removed them quickly but before we could do so the person circulated a photo to media.”

The stickers had been put on by domestic violence protestors said the Huffington Post, but apparently they aren’t the only ones who feel this way. Music journalist Chloe Papas wrote a review of Brown’s new album, Fortune in July, sharing the thoughts of many others.

“Regardless of whether Chris Brown has any musical talent (he doesn’t) or whether this album is any good (it isn’t), the man recently brutally assaulted a woman, and is still regularly invited back to award shows and worshipped by ‘Breezy’ fans worldwide,” said Papas, via the Huffington Post. “Which is, frankly, disgusting. And for those of you out there saying you need to separate the music and the man: screw you, don’t encourage his actions. Final words: don’t buy this album.”

Two people who seem to have forgiven Brown are Rihanna and Brown himself. Last week, he visited a domestic violence shelter.

“It’s in my heart to show my fans, my friends and family and the families at Jenesse who stood by me they were right to give me another chance. I’m working hard to make them proud,” he told the Huffington Post.

At the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Rihanna was seen on camera kissing her ex, and many wonder if they have actually gotten back together.

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