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Roll like an A-lister: How to host an off-the-hook Emmys party

If you are a celebrity stalker or TV fanatic, it’s time to take your Emmys celebration to the next level. Imitating all of the pomp and circumstance of the celebrity set doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Pick and choose from these ideas, or use them to inspire your own.

Emmy statueEmulate your favorite celeb

Who are you dying to see on the red carpet every year? An Emmys party is the perfect opportunity to do what we rarely get to do — dress like the rich and famous. But you don’t need to be either.

Take this fashion op in any direction you choose. Poach something off the clearance rack that would make a disco ball jealous. This is just for one night, so establish a budget that should top out somewhere around $30 and head to a consignment or thrift store.

This is a party of your peers, who are likely not celebrities. And remember that every red carpet needs a “worst dressed” or “what were they thinking” candidate. If you’ve got a good sense of humor, or you’re the girl whose friends are counting on to be the token jacka**, don’t be afraid to take a few “artistic” liberties with your wardrobe choice.

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Red carpet

All you need is a little creativity to roll out a red carpet for your friends. You can tack down red butcher paper, or a couple of cheap red plastic table cloths from the dollar store. If you think you might become addicted to hosting awards parties, check out the local carpet store for remnants. You can usually find really inexpensive pieces of carpet there, particularly if they are red! Oriental Trading Company has a “red carpet” for $6!!

Backdrop for photos

Remember prom night, with the staged area for picture-taking? Red carpet events have a scaled-down version of that where celebrities stand in front of a backdrop to pose for photos. Keep it simple by just using some of the same materials as you would for the red carpet (only in white) like butcher paper or plastic table clothes, or cut the kids loose and let them decorate a backdrop with images of the Emmys statue and an inordinate amount of glitter. See how your red carpet affair is shaping up to be fun for the whole family?

Emmys scorecard

Every partygoer will have a dog in the race, and everyone wants their favorite shows and celebs to win. Download a nominee scorecard from the Emmys website. Keeping track of the winners and losers can be fun…and entertaining when someone’s favorite loses out to someone else’s favorite.

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Make it interesting

If you and your “celebrity” friends want to make things really interesting, wager bets on who you think the winners will be. People who are passionate about their favorites will really get into this. It’s like Fantasy Football for guys. You can keep the bets small — but wagering on winners is a great way to keep the party lively.

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Killer food/drink

Light finger foods are best. Your gal pals aren’t going to want to blow up in their cocktail attire, and too much food is a buzzkill. Stock up on champagne and wine, or you could have a mutiny on your hands.

Swag bags

Here again, you can be somewhat serious or have a lot of fun with these. It’s puzzling why ridiculously rich people get showered with expensive gifts at no charge, but they do. Fill your swag bags either with gag gifts or get corporate samples from various friends. You probably have half-a-dozen friends in your immediate circle who could furnish pens, adhesive notes, golf ball tees and sunscreen for your swag bags. People love free stuff — it really doesn’t matter what it is.

Now all you need is a few friends with a great sense of humor, a husband or boyfriend willing to take “paparazzi” pics and a TV to watch all the winners, losers and drama. If you are sad when the fun comes to an end, take heart in knowing that Hollywood’s self-congratulatory awards season, with the Golden Globes, the People’s Choice Awards and the Oscars is just around the corner.

Last, but not least, don’t miss a thing!

We will be on the red carpet talking to all your favorite celebrities, before and after the show. So, be sure to check out SheKnows Goes to the Shows throughout the night on Sunday, September 23 to hear what the stars have to say about their competition, see what they’re wearing, and more!

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