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Michael Strahan commutes between Live! and NFL on Fox

Michael Strahan may have won the job of a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean he is giving up his past. He is just as dedicated to both shows, whether it means talking about football or wearing tights.

Michael StrahanMichael Strahan may have seemed like a long shot for the part of co-host on Live! With Kelly, but for his longtime fans, it may seem like an even farther stretch. The former NFL-er also helps host Fox NFL Sunday with Terry Bradshaw, and he knows his NFL comrades are watching what he is doing.

“Of course they’re cracking jokes about me” he told USA Today. “They’ll say something like, ‘We saw you wearing tights the other day.'”

But that doesn’t mean he is ashamed. The 40-year-old seems proud of his new position and knows he is the right person to do both jobs.

Strahan said, “never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d even be considered as permanent host.” When asked about his “nuttiest” moment on the show, he said, “It was when I ripped off my pants and did a stripping routine. It was quite liberating.”

And his love for his job is showing. According to USA Today, Live! had its highest ratings for its fall season premiere in six seasons.

Strahan is still commuting between both coasts, with Live! With Kelly and Michael being shot in New York on weekdays and Fox NFL Sunday being shot in Los Angeles. The host is nothing if not committed.

“Strahan, who had about 20 tryout appearances as a Live! co-host before he got the job, had already shown a willingness to strip,” USA Today reported. “And he says he follows his same routine in following the NFL despite his Sunday-night and Friday-afternoon cross-country commute.”

According to Bradshaw, Strahan is making $16 million on Live!, but Strahan has not commented on that figure. With his love for both of his jobs, he wants to make sure people know he does have standards, and said there is one thing he won’t do.

He said he was invited to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, but he told USA Today, “That totally does not appeal to me.”

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