Lance Armstrong accidentally tweets his phone number

Sep 14, 2012 at 9:27 a.m. ET

Lance Armstrong did a bizarre thing Thursday night... he tweeted his phone number, or did he? The number does not belong to him, so why is it on Twitter?

Lance Armstrong

On Thursday evening, bicyclist Lance Armstrong tweeted his phone number for the whole world to see, saying “Hey - you bet. Happy to help. Call my cell 778 384 7520. Take care, L.”

He immediately received multiple responses.

Michael Reed ?@merchdawg responded with “@lancearmstrong You just tweeted your cell number to the world. OOPS!”

Dave Amirault ?@ozskier sent a warning to the athlete saying, “@lancearmstrong Might want to take that one down, bud.”

And GJ Kooijman ?@gjkooijman assumed it was a mistake meant for a private message. He said, “HA! @lancearmstrong just tweeted his cell by accident. DM-fail.”

And while it looks like it may have been a mistake, the mistake might not have been that he tweeted his phone number, but that he tweeted a phone number that isn’t even his. decided to call the number to see what would happen.

“It was the voicemail of one Tyson Laidler, who a quick search reveals to be a recent graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver (The 778 area code is a BC exchange.),”  the website said. “But wait. A tipster points out that the exact same phone number was tweeted in July, by one Ty Laidler. And this Ty Laidler claims to be a member of the Canadian Air Force.”

The website tries to debunk the issue by saying that maybe it is an old number of Laidler’s, or that maybe it was a number Armstrong was given while in Canada. But if either were the case, Laidler probably wouldn’t be the voice on the voicemail.

To deepen the mystery, said Laidler has not tweeted in a few weeks, and the last person he followed was Lance Armstrong. Perhaps he is Armstrong’s pseudonym page, so he can have a private account. Or maybe it was just a mistake. But for now, we are left confused.

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