Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: Why Charleston?

The couple’s wedding may have come as a surprise because no one knew where to look. But Reynolds and Lively are actually big fans of the city, and this was not their first visit.

Blake Lively

Saturday’s wedding between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively was something of a surprise to most, but not as big a surprise as the location they chose for the ceremony. And it was even more surprising because it looks like they had no tie to Charleston, South Carolina, besides a love for the city.

“Charleston is one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the Southeast. It’s the most relaxed, tranquil place. It’s just a little slice of the past,” a source told People. “[Reynolds] had [gone] there as a child, locals say. It’s one of his favorites, and he brought [Lively] there to vacation.”

Neither Reynolds nor Lively have any family ties in the town; Reynolds is a Canadian import and Lively was born to a California family with ties to Hollywood. The source also told the magazine that the couple has been to Charleston on vacation many times recently, including a bed-and-breakfast stay over Thanksgiving.

“They looked like they were totally in love,” said People. “Ryan was stroking her hair, and they walked around holding hands. At one point, they went over to a little gazebo on the property and sat around laughing, talking and joking around. They seemed very at ease with each other.”

Residents have seen the couple in their city at least two other times since the Thanksgiving visit, noting how down-to-earth the couple acted. But the Charlestonians know why the couple loves their city so much.

“The amount of times they’d come to Charleston, it was a lot all at one time, especially for people who are so busy,” People‘s source added. “They don’t live in North Carolina or Virginia — they live in New York. I could tell it was a special place for them, as it is for many people. It’s a very special place for a lot of people. You could tell it’s their place.”

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