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Things women can learn from Guys with Kids

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to being a mommy, but we bet you didn’t know you could learn a thing or two from watching Guys with Kids.

Guys with Kids

Life doesn’t stop

We all tend to think that once the baby arrives, life as we know it is over. The dads from Guys with Kids are out to prove that’s not true, and you should listen. It’s not easy for them, but these guys find ways to take some of the best parts of their former, childless lives and bring them into their lives as dads.

Dads can be cool

Your man did not hand in his cool-guy card the day your baby was born, so stop treating him that way. The guys from this show prove that being a dad can be super cool, and they don’t have to go out of their way to make sure that doesn’t change.

Dads get stressed, too

We moms love to talk about how hard life is for us. It’s true that being a mom is a tough and thankless job, but the men from Guys with Kids will give us a little bit of insight into the lives of dads. It’s not all cupcakes and sunshine for them either, ladies. Dads face a lot of the same struggles that moms do, and they don’t have the sisterhood of other mommies for backup.

Anthony Anderson as Gary

Anthony Anderson as Gary
Jesse Bradford as Chris

Jesse Bradford as Chris
Zach Cregger as Nick

Zach Cregger as Nick

Men have “real” friends, too

Don’t underestimate the power of a bromance! Women tend to think friendships between women are real and deep, while men just need someone to watch football and drink beer with. The men from Guys with Kids share a real friendship. They back each other up, help each other out and navigate the world of fatherhood side-by-side, just like you do with your best girlfriends.

Loosen up!

There are going to be some big bumps in the road of parenting, and women tend to spend a ton of time fretting over those bumps and the best way to get over them. The men from Guys with Kids face those same issues, with much less stress. Men are pretty good at rolling with the punches, something most women would benefit from.


Want a sneak peek of the show? Watch a clip here.

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