Did Kevin Hart come up short as 2012 MTV VMA host?

Would you give Kevin Hart a callback as the MTV Video Music Awards host? It’s time for the experts and viewers alike to weigh in on if the surprisingly small comedian could fill such a tall order!

Kevin Hart -- MTV Video Music Awards

Judging by most reviews of the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, Kevin Hart fell short as host. Are we harping on the comedian for his somewhat diminutive stature (that’s just 5-feet-5-inches tall, for those curious) unfairly? We think not — and don’t forget, he’s the one who started it!

As seen in the photo above, Kevin Hart kicked off Thursday night’s ceremonies by entering the Staples Center in Los Angeles surrounded by an unlikely team of security guards.

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“I don’t know if MTV made a mistake,” he told the audience, setting up what proved be a lame duck of a joke. “I told MTV that I was going to need a little security. I think they took it a little literally.” Crickets. “But that’s okay,” he aded. “Those guys did a good job!”

Later on, Kevin Hart hoped another stab at height would equal comedic might, donning one of Dwight Howard’s Los Angeles Lakers jerseys. Looking diminutive in the 6-foot-11-inch baller’s shirt, Hart shot to the chuckling center, “That’s funny to you? Let’s see if it’s funny when Kobe don’t pass you the damn ball.”

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Panning the performance, the L.A. Times stated, “Hart played the role of back seat master of ceremonies during Thursday’s densely packed show… Despite his frenetic energy, Hart’s routine mostly fell flat.”

The Twitter judge and jury at large, however, seems torn over Kevin Hart’s hosting. “Kevin Hart is not funny, I worry about y’all sense of humor,” wrote one person Thursday night. Another applauded the host, though, tweeting, “Let’s pause for a moment and applaud Kevin Hart for being a damn hilarious host!”

What’s your take on Kevin Hart’s MTV Video Music Awards host performance?

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