Billie Joe Armstong gets out of hospital to perform at VMAs

Billie Joe Armstrong was hospitalized earlier this week during a tour stop in Italy. He managed to work up the strength to perform at the VMAs.

Green Day performs at the 2012 MTV VMAs

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is either feeling better or really good at faking it. The singer performed a raucous version of the group’s new single, “Let Yourself Go,” live at the 2012 VMAs.

Armstrong was admitted to the hospital earlier this week with “gastric problems” and had to cancel a show in Bologna, Italy, on Sunday. The band was “beyond devasated” that they had to cancel.

“We’re as sad as you guys are. Billie’s extremely upset about it, and we’ll see you very soon,” bandmate Tré Cool said after the show was cancelled.

MTV News later caught up with the band when they got back to the States, to get more information on Armstrong’s condition.

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“Billie came down with heavy, heavy dehydration; it was like severe dehydration, influenza, and it was just a really, really bad situation,” bandmate Mike Dirnt said. “He woke up in the morning and it was bad. Let’s put it this way, if you’re in your hotel room and you’re vomiting profusely, it’s not fun. So what are you gonna do? It’s hard to sing while you’re puking.”

He managed to find his strength for the VMAs by going on a strict regimen of “push-ups, prayers and vitamins.”

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Don’t worry, Italian fans; they haven’t forgotten about the missed show.

“We’re going to make our way back to Bologna and play that show ASAP,” Dirnt added. “We don’t miss many shows; we’ve maybe missed five shows out of our entire career, and we pride ourselves on that, but we’re human.”

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