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Must-read: The Good Woman by Jane Porter

Jane Porter’s recent novel, The Good Woman, the first in an exciting new trilogy about sisters from a large, Irish-Catholic family, has readers and critics buzzing. An engrossing story told from the point of view of the eldest sister, Meg, The Good Woman is smart, thought provoking and satisfying and our latest pick for a must-read.

The Good Woman by Jane Porter

Jane Porter burst onto the scene with her incredibly popular novel, Flirting with Forty, and since then, she’s been a literary force to be reckoned with, with over 5 million books in print. Porter is known for her heartfelt and emotional stories about friendship, marriage and family, and her latest novel, The Good Woman is yet another example of her ability to write impactful stories that resonate with readers.

About The Good Woman

The first in a trilogy about the Brennan sisters, The Good Woman is told from the perspective of Meg Roberts, the eldest of three sisters in a large, Irish-Catholic family. Meg, a successful publicist and doting wife, is used to controlling everything and projecting an image of perfection. As she approaches her 43rd birthday, Meg is beginning to face the fact that her life is far from perfect. After too many years of her being “the good woman,” her 17-year marriage is in question, and she knows she wants and deserves much more out of life. She’ll take more love or more passion or just more of something.

Meg is in the worst possible emotional shape when she embarks across the pond to an event with her handsome boss, Chad Hallahan. She’s lonely, burned out and many miles from home in London. While she’s alone with Chad, an impulsive moment between them changes everything.

Her world is shattered, her family relationships are hanging by a thread and Meg realizes her moment of recklessness has brought consequences that are actually liberating. Will she go back to being the good woman whom everyone expects, or is she ready for a change? Is she ready to say goodbye to that woman for good?

The Good Woman is the perfect beginning to what is sure to be a page-turning series. Each book will focus on one sister. The next, The Good Daughter, is due out in early 2013.

An inside look at The Good Woman

On her website, Jane Porter not only gives readers a sneek peek at her novel but detailed information about the Brennan sisters’ family tree.

Read an excerpt of The Good Woman >>

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