Bachelorette’s Isla Fisher: ‘Don’t get a stripper for your mom’

The Bachelorette‘s bridesmaids — Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, and Isla Fisher — dish on their own experiences with bad-girl behavior.

The Bachelorette, Lizzy Caplan, Kirsten Stewart, Isla Fisher

Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher have some pretty wild times in the black comedy The Bachelorette. But in real life the girls are a lot more low-key… well, except for Isla’s mom.

“I did go to a pretty messy bachelorette party, but I can’t talk about it because it was for my mom, and I planned it,” Isla told SheKnows. “Let’s just say, don’t ever get a stripper for your mom.”


Isla wouldn’t reveal the nitty gritty details, but we’re sure they don’t measure up to the drug-fueled debauchery of this Bridesmaids-gone-bad comedy.

The film touches on everything from overdosing to eating disorders, shedding light on problems real women face.

“I just felt like they aren’t really treated the way they are in life, which is, they’re just things that happen,” the film’s director Leslye Headland told us.

Another issue explored is the way women treat each other.

The characters often refer to each other as “B-Face” in the movie, a slang term from their high school days.

But the actresses told SheKnows that they don’t approve of women calling each other the B-word.

“I hate when girls call other girls b*tch,” said Dunst. “That’s so not my vibe. I had a really good solid crew of friends. I never had a ‘Mean Girls’ experience.”

Isla agrees, “I don’t like it. I’m really nice to my friends. I send them presents.”

Caplan on the other hand, didn’t seem to find the term offensive.

“I’ve done that to you before, and I definitely sensed that maybe you didn’t like it,” she laughed to Kirsten.

As for her own bachelorette party memories, Caplan told us she’s had her fair share of fun.

“We did the appropriate amount of misbehaving,” she told SheKnows.

And apparently there was a bit of misbehaving on-set as well. Rebel Wilson, the film’s Bachelorette, told us, “There was a lot of drinking on set, Leslye encouraged it.”


Be sure to catch Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson in action in The Bachelorette, hitting theaters today!

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