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Omarosa: Michael Clarke Duncan was “the love of my life

In July, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth used her CPR skills to save fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan’s life. But reports say Omarosa, who consulted with docs from around the globe about the actor’s condition, is “destroyed” she wasn’t able to save him again.

Michael Clarke Duncan and Omarosa were EngagedThe Buzz –
Michael Clarke Duncan and girlfriend Omarosa were actually engaged, and planned to walk down the aisle in January.

Celebrity Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth tells Radar Online that she’s devastated over the loss of her fiancé, Michael Clarke Duncan, and reportedly the 38-year-old is shattered that she didn’t “do enough” to help the Green Mile actor.

“We’re told Omarosa is just destroyed after waging a valiant fight to save Michael,” said TMZ, citing “sources connected with the couple.”

“She had doctors flown in from all over the world but constantly worried if she was doing enough,” the website said.

Indeed, Omarosa had saved the 54-year-old previously; she performed CPR on Duncan in July until emergency responders arrived and rushed him to the ICU.

Duncan never fully recovered from that heart attack, and was in the hospital at the time of his passing.

On Tuesday morning, TMZ featured a photo of Omarosa, noticeably sobbing at what they said was LAX. Reportedly, she had to leave L.A. for another engagement shortly before Duncan’s death.

The gossip site also notes the two had planned to marry in January, and had kept the nuptials close to the vest — only telling close family members and friends about their plans.

“He was the love of my life,” Omarosa told Radar Online.

Publicist Joy Fehily, on behalf of Omarosa, provided the following statement (via the Daily Mail): “Manigault is grateful for all of your prayers and asks for privacy at this time. Celebrations of his life, both private and public, will be announced at a later date.”

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