The Cold Light of Day movie review: Hunky Henry warms up

Sep 7, 2012 at 5:21 p.m. ET

Remember hottie Henry Cavill from The Tudors? He’s back staring in this action flick set in Spain that will no doubt leave you wanting your own European holiday with Henry.

The Cold Light of Day Henry Cavill

Perfect for people looking to take a tour of Madrid, Spain

Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) journeys to Spain for a sailing vacation with his family, but the reunion isn’t all hugs and kisses. There is a taut underlying tension with his emotionally distant father Martin (Bruce Willis), who Will believes works as a cultural attaché.

After a minor boating accident, Will swims to shore only to return to an empty boat. Will goes to the Spanish police for help searching for his family when the action begins.

The Cold Light of Day

Will soon discovers his father Martin is actually an operative for the CIA, and his family has been kidnapped by terrorists. If Will and his dad don’t return a ubiquitous black briefcase full of intel before Martin’s associate Jean Carrack (Sigourney Weaver) sells it to another band of terrorists, Will’s mother, brother and his brother’s girlfriend will be killed.

Henry Cavill proves he’s in excellent cardio shape as he runs on foot through the exciting streets of Madrid. He exposes his glorious chest as he swims from the sailboat to the shore, and fortunately gets shot in the back, providing a second excuse for him to take his shirt off.

The Cold Light of Day Sigourney Weaver

Original bad-a** Sigourney Weaver struts tough as Carrack, the female double agent who can drive her Land Rover with her right hand and shoot out the window with her left. If only the filmmakers had given this amazing actress more to do than shoot bullets.

Bottom line: Henry Cavill makes an excellent action hero, so if you like your action movies with a European flavor, you’ll love The Cold Light of Day.

Photo credit: Lionsgate Films