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Bradley Cooper & Words director Brian Klugman were “dorks

The Words star Bradley Cooper and actor/director Brian Klugman talk about taking their friendship from the Philly suburbs to Hollywood.

The Words

It’s no wonder The Words director Brian Klugman picked Bradley Cooper to star in his 12-year-in-the-making film — the two have been best friends since childhood.

“When we grew up we used to say that you wrote Catcher in the Rye and Huck Finn,” Cooper joked to Klugman. “We were dorks. But we thought we were funny.”

Watch our interview with the “dorky” duo

These two “dorks” however, have grown up to become two members of Hollywood royalty, something they say still shocks them today.

“It’s insane,” said Cooper. “It’s absolutely crazy. We’re loving every minute of it.”

Bradley credits Brian with helping him stay grounded in this tough industry.

“That’s what great, to have your best friend in the same profession and same town as you,” Cooper told SheKnows. “He still to this day serves as an anchor.”

Bradley also discussed his relationship with co-star and rumored former girlfriend Zoë Saldana, saying it was “incredible” working with her on the film.

“The reason that that relationship in the movie works is because she played the role,” Cooper said. “We changed the plot of the movie based on what she brought to (her character). It really just grounded it and deepened it that we had to adjust the movie.”

Another fun fact we learned about Bradley from his childhood BFF is that the man in handy in the kitchen.

“He can really cook, for real,” Brian told SheKnows.

So what’s his specialty? “Anything,” Cooper said.

He can cook for us anytime!

Be sure to catch Bradley Cooper and Ben Klugman in The Words, in theaters today!

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