Taylor Swift is having a Pitbull-sent-to-Alaska issue

Internet pranksters are at it again, this time trying to send Taylor Swift to sing at a school for the deaf! Perhaps poor Pitbull won’t be the only celebrity with his tail tucked between his legs if the songstress also falls victim to virtual ballot box stuffing.

Taylor Swift -- going to Alaska?

Taylor Swift’s sweet voice may soon fall on deaf ears — literally. The “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” songstress is the target of Internet jokesters who think it would be hilarious to send her to perform at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Boston.

Chegg and Papa John’s pizza have coaxed Taylor Swift into performing her song “You Belong with Me” at whichever school can acquire the most votes in an online poll for the Taylor Swift on Campus contest.

Users on popular sites such as Reddit and 4chan have created organized campaigns, according to Gawker, that have successfully placed the school for the deaf well in the lead.

Sound familiar? It was just last month that rapper Pitbull found himself performing in Kodiak, Alaska, after falling victim to Internet ballot-box stuffers during a Walmart-sponsored contest!

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There’s a chance, however, that even if the pranksters pull it off, Swifty could back out. Here’s the fine print of the contest details: “If Music Event details cannot be agreed upon with Taylor Swift and the Grand Prize Winning School, Chegg may award the Music Event to another school.”

We think Taylor Swift could rock the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, though! Pretty lady’s brilliant smile (not to mention the $10,000 in grant money slated to be given to the music departments of the top five schools with the most votes) would undoubtedly be welcome.

If the Mann School pulls the most votes, do you think Taylor Swift should go perform?

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