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Must-read: India’s Summer by Thérèse

India’s Summer has been praised by everyone from Goldie Hawn to Orlando Bloom to Jane Green. A fun and spirited story about a woman about to turn 40 who embarks on a life-changing trip to Hollywood, India’s Summer is our latest must-read.

The perfect book to read as summer comes to an end

India's Summer by Therese

India’s Summer is the perfect book to read as summer comes to an end. Thérèse will win you over with her effortless writing about a single woman nearing that “scary” age of 40. As you follow India’s journey from London to Tinseltown, you’ll be rooting for her to find the answers she’s desperately looking for.

About India’s Summer

India is about to turn 40. Not to mention the fact that she’s single. Needless to say, life’s not turning out exactly as she’d hoped. She decides it’s time to reinvent herself and travels from London to Hollywood, where she’ll stay with her sister Annabelle, a famous actress, and brother-in-law, an equally famous rock musician.

Immediately, India’s life as she knows it changes. But does it change for the better?

India is whisked into their fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle full of parties and premieres. And although she begins dating Adam, an A-list actor, she still lacks confidence and feels out of touch and lonely, even though she’s constantly surrounded by people. She makes a choice that could come back to haunt her when she lies to Adam about her career.

Before India knows it, disaster ensues as she’s pulled deeper into the folds of Hollywood. And although she begins to regain her confidence as she starts to see how imperfect even the seemingly perfect people around her are, she is not sure she’s on the right path to where she wants to be. Just as she has an epiphany about what that path should be, her life begins to fall apart.

Read it for yourself

Sound like a book you’d enjoy? Thérèse has several excerpts from her novel on her website.


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