Miley Cyrus kissing girls and flirting with Charlie Sheen?

Miley Cyrus continues on her quest for publicity this week by making out with another girl and sorta flirting with Charlie Sheen on Twitter. Step away from the social media, Miley.

Miley Cyrus might be engaged, but she’s far from being tamed. The newly-blonde actress has been raising hell since she cut her hair into the asymmetrical pixie cut — namely, flirting with a bad boy and making out with chicks.

Charlie Sheen has been sending the 19-year-old flirtatious tweets since she cut her hair — and it ventured into creepy territory. The Anger Management actor, 46, tweeted that Cyrus “IS THE [bomb icon],” according to US Weekly. “Idk, w/that new haircut Miles… You’re the [bomb icon.] Come watch the show at my place! XO.”

The tweet has since been deleted. Anyone get the heebie-jeebies from that? Then again, maybe he just wants to give her some acting tips since she’s slated to guest star on his former show, Two and a Half Men. According to a press release, the singer “will play Missi, an old family friend of Walden’s [Ashton Kutcher] who comes to visit for a week and develops a relationship with Jake [Angus T. Jones] when he comes home from the Army.”

Sounds innocent enough. What’s not so innocent though? Cyrus‘ recent liplock with a female friend. She was spotted kissing her female pal at NYC’s The Darby, according to sources.

“She was trying to get everyone’s attention,” the onlooker told the New York Post.

Don’t worry… She later went to 1 Oak and met up with fiance Liam Hemsworth. What we don’t get is why Cyrus isn’t just making out with her Australian hottie 24/7? That’s what we’d do.

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