Kim Kardashian calls out nanny for scandalous email

Kim Kardashian must be feeling fiesty these days: She’s calling out her former nanny for trying to create scandal to promote her “tell-all” book.

Kim Kardashian calls out nanny for "tell all" book

Remember that book that the Kardashian family nanny released earlier this year? No? It’s because the book didn’t really have a lot of juicy bits about the first family of reality television. Apparently it’s not selling well, because Pam Behan is trying to create a scandal — and Kim Kardashian is calling her out on her blog.

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“These are the kinds of emails I get on a daily basis. Seriously, at some point you just have to laugh at how ridiculous people are,” she wrote, posting a screenshot of the email in question. “You may have heard about the nanny I had when I was a kid who wrote a book about her experiences as our family nanny. Well I guess her ‘tell-all’ story isn’t juicy enough. LOL… Please!!!!!”

The book apparently included personal snapshots of the family used without their permission — and you know the Kardashians don’t do anything without getting paid.

“My family and I were really disappointed in her for using childhood photos of us in her book without our permission, so we had our attorney reach out to her and ask her to sign a confidentiality agreement. But now, we see once again what a classy nanny she is! What a joke!” Kim added.

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“This is the kind of stuff we have to deal with every day. People looking for scandals and creating nasty stories just to make a name for themselves. You can’t get away with it. I’m just going to start posting all the ridiculousness on my blog!”

The book was pretty boring, honestly. Our favorite part of the book — hands down — was Kris Jenner’s freakout over broccoli.

“When I got home, Kris, who was in the kitchen, looked at the groceries I had just purchased, and let out a torrent of expletives. ‘$#&%! $#&%! $#&%! I can’t believe you forgot the $#&%ing broccoli!'” she wrote of Jenner.

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Granted, we feel like there are a lot of scandalous things in the designer Kardashian closets… the nanny just wasn’t there to see it all.

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