Where in the world is Dr. Phil’s stolen car?

Dr. Phil’s $100K ride apparently went for a spin late Sunday (without the host known for his Phil-isms in it) — and has yet to come back.

The Buzz – Dr. Phil’s Classic Chevy was Stolen
Dr. Phil’s vintage ’57 Chevy convertible was stolen from a local garage on Sunday night.

Police are still on the hunt for Dr. Phil’s prized ’57 Chevy, which UPI reports (by way of TMZ) was stolen from a repair shop in Burbank, California, late Sunday.

Born Phil McGraw, the TV psychologist and a friend were reportedly coming up empty when they tried to get the $100K vehicle’s transmission fixed.

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So they turned to the “professionals,” and had the car flatbedded to a repair shop in Burbank.

Apparently, said repair shop may also be “professional bumblers,” because within hours of the car arriving at the shop, Dr. Phil got the call all collectors dread: The black beauty was stolen!

Police told TMZ that the heist was pulled off when someone smashed a roll-up door at the shop to get to the car.

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Let’s stress that, courtesy of this snafu, someone pretty much dipped their hands into the doc’s pockets and took $100,000 — the car’s estimated value.

While the car wasn’t working, it was no clunker to get you from “A” to “B.”

But don’t shed too many tears for Dr. Phil. Even by doctor’s standards, the TV host Oprah exalted to fame does pretty well for himself.

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Celebrity Net Worth.com reports Phil has netted an estimated $200 million, with an annual salary reportedly between $50 million to $80 million (depending on where you look).

Then again, for hard-core collectors like the doc, especially one of such means, it’s not about the $$$. Here’s to hoping this “tragic loss” (as TMZ puts it) has a happy ending for the exalted one.

Image courtesy of HRC/WENN.com


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