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Revolution expected to be a huge hit

Imagine life without electricity. No lights, no computers, no transportation… and most important, no texting (Noooo!). No one thinks about the Dark Ages, but what would your life be like if everything was turned off? Slower and sweeter… or a nightmare come true?

NBC show Revolution

Revolution looks awesome. When I first heard the premise for the new NBC series, I wasn’t very interested… The evolution of mankind when all the electricity is turned off? No, thanks. But after watching the trailer and doing a bit more research, I am totally on board.


It’s just a normal day. Kids are watching TV, friends are chatting on their cell phones, and thousands of civilians are driving their cars. Until, all of a sudden, it’s all mysteriously turned off — and the world is left in the dark. Planes crash, cars stall, and every type of communication is down; and with no electricity, there’s no way of finding out what in the heck just happened or what to do next.

NBC show Revolution

Fast forward 15 years. Life is slower and much simpler than it was during the industrial revolution. Families live in quiet cul-de-sacs, and lanterns and candles are used for lighting their homes. But it’s not all peace and serenity everywhere you go; actually, the outskirts of the farming communities are where a lot of danger lurks.

After the blackout, warlords and militias rise up to take control and after a local militia led by Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) arrives, Charlie Matheson’s (Tracy Spiridakos) life is turned upside down.

Her father Ben (Tim Guinee) is killed and her brother Danny (Graham Rogers) is kidnapped. As if dealing with all that isn’t enough already, it’s up to her to find her estranged Uncle Miles (Billy Burke) and figure out a way to bring her family together again.

It’s a story of hope and rebirth, as Charlie and her band of survivors work together to bring down the militia (who is responsible for the blackout, by the way!), re-establish the USA, and discover why the power failed, and if it can ever be turned back on.

Why should you watch it?

It’s like The Hunger Games, but a TV show! It’s about survival and sticking with family, blood-related or not, no matter how rough the path gets. After watching the trailer, it’s obvious this show is going to be suspenseful and awesomely produced! Plus, it’s got some pretty amazing producers on board.


Tracy Spiridakos — Charlie Matheson
Billy Burke — Uncle Miles
Giancarlo Esposito — Captain Neville
Graham Rogers — Danny
JD Pardo — Nate

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!

Photos courtesy of NBC

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