Power pair: Why George Clooney should be pal Obama’s VP

In May, George Clooney threw a shindig at his L.A. pad that raised a whopping $15 million for buddy Obama’s re-election campaign. Today, he’s booking it to Geneva to headline a $15,000-per-plate dinner for his presidential pal. We think the actor should lay off the checkbook and cash in on himself instead… as Obama’s running mate.

George Clooney at the National Press Club in Washington DCHis name is George

The presidential roots of Clooney’s moniker stretch waaaay back — like to the very beginning of White House head honchos. Our first president, George Washington, gave the name enough cred to keep it on hot baby name lists for centuries. The other two Georges who served our country as El Capitans? George H.W. Bush and “Dubya.” We’re gonna go out on a limb and say Hollywood’s reigning George probably wouldn’t share the Bush boys’ very Republican presidential style… his liberalist views make him much more of a shoo-in to be BFF Barack’s running mate.

If you mess with the bull, you get the horns

It should come as no surprise to those who are familiar with astrology that Clooney’s birthday falls in the Zodiac house of Taurus, the bull. Forget the matador! You don’t need to wave a red flag to bait Taureans into a battle — simply challenge something they believe in, and you’ll find yourself going toe-to-toe with an extremely stubborn contender. Just take Clooney, for example: his stance on the humanitarian crisis in Sudan led to him being cuffed and carted off to a DC clink earlier this year. Whether he is protesting foreign politics, flirting with impossibly attractive women (hello Elisabetta Canalis!) or playing pranks on Jerry Weintraub, Clooney has proven he’s got big balls to match his bull persona.

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He’s got some serious hair

When slivers of silver starting peeking through Clooney’s dark mane years ago, it proved what we suspected all along: you just can’t make this man look old or outdated. The actor’s salt and pepper spray of hair only makes him look a bit more… mature. In addition to his trademark boyish grin (swooooon), Clooney now perpetually sports a distinguished air due to his ‘do that begs to be sworn in to an office somewhere. And, although our country has outgrown the days of powdered wigs for politicians, we’re pretty positive Clooney could rock one of those with even more panache than any other vice presidential predecessor.

America could use a little eye candy

No offense to present and former politicos, but we haven’t had a real looker in the White House since JFK. Granted, good looks have little bearing on a person’s ability to run a country. However, wouldn’t a pretty face soften the blow of all the bad news and scary innuendo? It would be less alarming to hear about nuclear warheads if said conversation were coming from the mouth of George Clooney. Skilled politician Obama may be, but his looks just don’t inspire the same warm, fuzzy feelings as those of Tinseltown’s most eligible bachelor.

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