Miley Cyrus joins Two and a Half Men for Season 10

Aug 30, 2012 at 2:46 p.m. ET

Two and a Half Men survived the Charlie Sheen fiasco and continues to thrive as it heads into Season 10.

Ashton Kutcher

We all know the story: Charlie Sheen had a good thing going at Two and a Half Men before he had a meltdown of epic proportions. It cost him his job as the highest-paid actor on television and it forced the show to make a sudden U-turn. Instead of being based on Charlie Harper (Sheen), Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) and Jake (Angus T. Jones) trying to share one house amid daily shenanigans, Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher) was forced into the mix and Charlie was killed off.

While many thought Sheen's exit would be the death of the show, Season 9 proved that Two and a Half Men can withstand the loss of one man. Kutcher seamlessly took over and now it feels like he's been there the whole time.


In Season 9, Walden Schmidt (Kutcher) -- a billionaire who made his fortune on the internet -- struggled through a bitter divorce. Alan Harper and his son Jake were there to help him through the ordeal and now the new Two and a Half Men are back at the beach house and are up to their old tricks.

To end Season 9, Jake enlisted in the army after an evening of downloading porn ended in disaster. In Season 10, we can all assume Jake won't survive long in basic training. Will he be gone from the show completely or soon find himself back at the beach house with his dad and Walden?

Season 10 promises some interesting guest appearances, including Miley Cyrus and Michael Bolton.

Why should you watch?

Two and a Half Men

CBS officially announced Miley Cyrus will be part of Two and a Half Men for Season 10, playing a character named Missi -- a family friend of Walden's. Cyrus is expected to be one of many notable guest stars on the show -- including Michael Bolton, who appears in the premiere.

The secret to Two and a Half Men is the great writing and producing that goes into each show. It's an immensely enjoyable comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously. While all the actors are of high quality, its laidback approach and unique style make it a must-watch every time.


Ashton Kutcher -- Walden Schmidt

Jon Cryer -- Alan Harper

Angus T. Jones -- Jake Harper

Conchata Ferrell -- Berta

Photo courtesy of CBS