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NBC’s Chicago Fire is bringing the heat

It’s a show about hot firefighters… with no shirts on! Need I say more?

NBC's Chicago Fire

Think Grey’s Anatomy, but instead of a hospital with doctors in scrubs, there are smoking buildings, sweaty men, and a few fierce women ready to save the day. With all those components packed into one hour of TV, we’re guaranteed to see drama, despair, romance, and a little bit (or hopefully, a lot bit!) of skin.


Chicago Fire follows the men and women of Firehouse 51, who risk their lives every day to save total strangers and fellow colleagues from a burning death. In a stressful and dangerous profession, the pressure takes a toll and leads to feuds between the members of the Truck and specially trained Rescue Squad. Right away, Firehouse 51 loses one of its own, and Lt. Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) from the Truck team and Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) from the Rescue Squad butt heads, trying to displace the guilt and blame.

In this steamy new series, we’ll watch the love-hate relationships in this extended family as they work together, fight together and play together (if you know what I mean…). Turn up the AC, because after watching the trailer, it looks like it’s going to be hot! Check it out for yourself below. Just make sure your boyfriend’s not around. You wouldn’t want him to see you drooling.

Chicago Fire is scheduled to premiere Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 9PM Central.

Why should you watch?

Hot men. No shirts. Sweaty bodies. Dirt… If that doesn’t sound like enough for you, just watch the trailer below.


Jesse Spencer: Lt. Matthew Casey
Taylor Kinney: Lt. Kelly Severide
Charlie Barnett: Peter Mills
Monica Raymund: Gabriela Dawson

Don’t wait… check out the hot, shirtless men now!

Photo Courtesy of NBC

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