Best of YouTube: The good, the bad and the WTF?

Online dating is fraught with extremes. Singles either get extremely lucky and find “the one,” or they experience every freak show/dating disaster imaginable. Of course, only the latter is funny, and thus, that is what we focus on this week in our YouTube recap.

datingNote: Some of these videos contain adult language, themes and scenarios.


We all know guys (a.k.a. predators) who use online dating services to get as much nookie, with as little effort, as fast as they can. They have found a playground littered with women who want to date and are willing to pay a monthly fee to find a guy. Chances are you’ve dated one. Chances are you’d like to see him die a slow, painful, social disease-ridden death. That was harsh. But you’re pickin’ up what we are putting down. Wink showcases just such a scenario with a guy who has met his match — but not the dating kind. Douche bags and players, beware:

My first online dating video

Oh, my word. What did that poor bunny do in its last life that it must live out the reminder of its time on earth being subjected to the unwanted advances of Andrew? You know that feeling you had when you watched the pie scene in American Pie? You know you should look away, and you know you shouldn’t laugh, but you had to look and you had to laugh. Be prepared to revisit that feeling with this clip:

Keeping men happy

We’re going to switch gears on you for a second. Let’s say the moon and stars fall into alignment and you find a decent guy through online dating. Cocoa Brown is here to help you keep your man, with three simple rules. Watch and learn, ladies. Watch and learn.

Greatest love connection ever!

Before there was, e-Harmony, and, there was Love Connection. Host Chuck Woolery would do his best to keep a straight face while trying to match up highly dysfunctional contestants. In this one, Laura, describes in a whiny voice how she hates it when men wear white shirts with black socks and vice versa (wow — such specific criteria and single?). Settle in for an awkward blast from the past:


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