Ladies like sex too in That’s What She Said

Dating in New York City when your three best friends are less than normally obsessed with sex proves to be what one single woman needs in Anne Heche’s new comedy That’s What She Said.

That's What She Said

“Here’s to sex!” four ladies cheer on their Friday night hoping for the best but expecting the worst as they venture out into New York City for a night on the town. This is not Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York City, no. This is the real one, where you don’t have Manolo Blahniks in your closet and can barely fit into a size 12.

It’s a new indie comedy, That’s What She Said, about dealing with the trials and tribulations of being a single woman living in New York with no game. Anne Heche plays Dee Dee.

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“It’s official. It’s midnight; you’ve been stood up.”

Dee Dee smokes while she brushes her teeth. That’s really all you need to know about this bitter, cynical woman whose love life is anything but on the up-and-up. Her best friend is Bebe, played by Marcia DeBonis, who you might remember as Ellen from the TV series Lipstick Jungle. When Bebe gets stood up, Dee Dee gets involved.

They then team up with Rhoda, played by Miriam Shor from the TV mini-series Mildred Pierce and things just go horribly wrong for these women who just can’t seem to control their lives.

“I need sex. I need a lot of sex.”

That’s where the funny takes on and Clementine, played by Alia Shawkat, who you might remember as Maeby Funke from Arrested Development, becomes the new friend who has little more than sex on the brain. When these four ladies come together, there’s no telling what is going to happen.

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The film is directed by True Blood‘s Carrie Preston and debuted earlier this year at Sundance Film Festival.

That’s What She Said releases into theaters Oct. 19.

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