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Is Mel Gibson dating again?

Few forces in life inspire fear quite like the mere mention of Mel Gibson dating again. But less than two months after Gibson’s 78-year-old stepmom filed a restraining order against him, it appears the hot-headed actor is off the market again (sorry, ladies!). Is the model/singer more mad than Mel?

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Mel Gibson was spotted giving Nadia Lanfranconi a neck massage a dinner, sparking rumors that the two are dating.

Fiery actor Mel GIbson’s reported flame is Italian singer and model Nadia Lanfranconi.

Reports of this match made in hell come just weeks after Mel’s stepmom, 78, filed a restraining order against the 56-year-old actor. Allegedly, he “exploded on her several times” and she “fears for her safety.”

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Mel has a way of exploding on just about anyone — be it going off on a racist rant to a cop or delivering a beat-down reportedly so extreme it knocked out ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva’s dental work.

So just who would be mad enough to get with Mad Mel?

Like Oksana before her, Nadia Lanfranconi is brunette, foreign, much younger and an aspiring singer, according to MSN.

The Italian beauty also modeled for the classy-sounding “F Me” jeans.

The paps got some snaps, thanks to the Daily Mail, of Mel rubbing Nadia’s shoulders outside a restaurant at Hollywood’s Grove shopping complex.

The publication also has pictures of the pair hanging out in Beverly Hills earlier this month.

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Sources insist the pair, while dating, are in a “casual relationship,” according to the Mail.

According to her IMDb page, Lanfranconi left her home of Lake Como, Italy, for L.A. in 2007. Aside from modeling, she has a list of film and TV projects you’ve probably never heard of — from Darling Nikki and The Obsession to Book of 1000 Deaths. Those titles certainly sound dire, especially when you’re reportedly dating Mel Gibson. Run, Nadia, run!

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