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5 Lessons learned on the new Ricki Lake Show

The new Ricki Lake show will be a lot of fun, but there’s plenty to learn from watching it, too. Keep reading for some of the lessons you can plan on learning when you tune in to The Ricki Lake Show, starting in September.

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Beauty and fashion

Learn all about how real women look their best. Find out how every woman can look her best no matter what her shape or size, how to dress your age and how to get your makeup on in a hurry. You’ll see the latest fashion trends and how real women can rock them from day to day and learn about beauty secrets every woman should know.

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Most women struggle with their weight from time to time, and Ricki Lake is no stranger to that struggle. Her show will help you find a healthy balance between loving the body you have and getting the body you love. She’ll talk about overcoming body issues, as well as healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off.


Parenting has its ups and downs and, when you’re having a “down” moment, you want to know you’re not alone. You’ll feel that and more when you watch The Ricki Lake Show. Learn about obstacles most parents face, as well as the best ways to deal with them. Viewers will also find out about some of the hottest new products — what works great and what you can do without.

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There’s always something to talk about when it comes to relationships, and Ricki’s got all the hottest topics. She’ll talk about both marriage and dating, as well as how to treat your guy, how to get your guy to treat you right, how to find the right one and how to hold on to him once you’ve got him. She’ll talk about online dating, long-distance love and jealousy. It’s all important and it’s all on her show.

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Emotional wellness

One of the most important parts to you is the part that no one can see. Your emotions aren’t out there for display, but Ricki knows they’re important and she knows how to take care of them. Watch The Ricki Lake Show to learn about how to hurt, how to heal and how to get through bad times and come out better.

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