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How to connect with other women in the digital world

In this fast-paced world, women have more than one way to connect with other women. Connecting digitally gives us a way to form relationships and identify with other women all around the world. Do you use any of the ways we’ve listed?

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How connected are you to other women?

Once upon a time, we would call up a girlfriend or drop in for a visit when we needed a little girl time. These days, it’s hard to find time for that. Still, those connections are important. Connecting with other women gives us someone to talk to, connect with and share our lives with. It gives us someone to understand us and help us understand ourselves. Friendships between women are different from any other relationship you’ll ever have. If you don’t have many of those relationships out there in the “real world,” or even if you do (who couldn’t use more friends?), try some of these methods to connect with other women in this digital world.

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There’s no better place to find other women of like minds than to join an online forum. There’s no end to the types of groups out there. You’ll find forums for book lovers, horse lovers, wives of cops and firefighters, single moms, new moms, empty-nesters, ladies who shop, ladies who hate to shop, gals who like pink nail polish. Do a little internet search and you’re bound to find a group of gals who have something in common with you and will welcome you with open arms.

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Some women use forums as a temporary fix when they’re going through something and need to reach out to women who have been there, too. Forums are popular with women who are pregnant or are trying to conceive. They’re also big with women who are dealing with an illness or a loved one who is sick. Sometimes, all we need is another woman to say “I understand,” or “You’re not nuts,” to help us feel validated and a little bit normal.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups can work a lot like forums, but they’re right there on a social media site you already use, so you can do all of your conversing on one site. Find a group of local ladies if you’re looking for someone to connect with in real life.

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Do you have a blog? Do you read any?

Blogs are basically online diaries put out there for anyone to read. If you find a blog that you like, it’s funny how quickly the author seems more like a friend. You are reading her deepest thoughts after all, or at least the deepest thoughts she’s willing to share with the world. You’ll often find pictures of the author, as well as her family, her home, her food and her projects. Since most blogs have sections for comments, it’s easy to converse with the woman who wrote it, as well as other readers.

We want to know

What’s your favorite place to connect with other women online? Leave us a comment below!

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