Prince Harry is probably drunk, but totally naked in Las Vegas

The world woke up Wednesday morning to actual naked pictures of Prince Harry and it looks like the royal couldn’t resist showing off his crown jewels.

The Buzz – Prince Harry Partying in Vegas… In the Buff!
What happens in Vegas never stays in Vegas. Nude photos of Prince Harry were leaked online!

Yes, Prince Harry is naked in new photos from his Las Vegas weekend. TMZ obtained the nude photos of Prince Harry and trust us — they leave little to the imagination.

On Friday night, Prince Harry was partying pretty hard and decided to have a little fun in his VIP suite.

Prince Harry and his friends reportedly went down to the hotel bar, picked up several women, and then proceeded to play strip billiards into the early morning hours in his hotel room. Only problem? Someone took real photos of Prince Harry as he lost — and thus got super-naked — in his room.

The photos show Prince Harry completely naked. In one photo he is covering his man goods with his hands while a female crouches behind him, also naked. In a separate photo, a naked Prince Harry appears to hug a naked woman from behind. Neither woman has been identified. These nude photos of Prince Harry are sure to delight fans but horrify the Queen.

TMZ states it reached out to the Royal Family but received a cold response. A rep told TMZ, “We have no comment to make on the photos at this time.” CNN states palace officials did confirm the nude photos were of Prince Harry. Ouch. Looks like damage control is in full swing over these scandalous photos of Prince Harry naked.

The popular newspaper USA Today reports Prince Harry spent the weekend in Las Vegas partying. The newspaper says Prince Harry was spotted on Saturday at the MGM Grand and later at the XS nightclub at Wynn Encore. On Sunday, Prince Harry spent the day with swimmer Ryan Lochte at the pool and later at XS.

Perhaps Prince Harry needs to have his friends check their cameras at the door next time he hosts a stripping game. No doubt the naked photos of Prince Harry have his family fuming.

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