Tom Arnold dodged quite the bullet in Hit & Run

Tom Arnold is no stranger to playing quirky characters. His latest role as Randy Anderson in Hit & Run emphasizes just how much of a pro he truly is at playing this type.

Tom Arnold

With a friendship that dates back to the early 2000s, Tom Arnold leapt at the opportunity Dax Shepard presented to him to play eccentric U.S. Marshal Randy Anderson in his film, Hit & Run. But Arnold gave one condition — no nudity.

“I made sure there was no nudity, for sure, which would have been disgusting, and they would have done it anyway, but at some point I was concerned as the movie was going on that Dax may be headed again in that direction,” Tom explained to SheKnows.

However, Tom isn’t strictly a non-nudity man.


“I’d rather be bottomless,” he admitted. “There probably isn’t anything I wouldn’t do. I’ve probably done just about everything.”

Throughout the movie it seems as if Randy’s karma is out to get him. At one point, he is even stuck in his out-of-control moving vehicle as his own firearm propels bullets at him. On another occasion, he is almost decapitated by a bowling ball. Tom embraced these dangers with incredible comedic timing and truly felt one with the character.

“I kind of understood the guy, why he was getting mad and it didn’t seem like it was fake,” Tom told SheKnows.

Dax Shepard actually noted that he created the characters in the movie to mirror the actor’s personalities and if that’s the case, then Dax and Tom truly have a strong bond.

“(Randy) really genuinely loved Dax’s character, he was his only friend, he doesn’t have much of a personal life and his career is not going well because he stuck with Dax.”

While Tom’s character may not have a flourishing career, that is not true for Tom.

“I am writing a film right now for Relativity (Media) and I am writing a film for a Spanish company and an animated one, too, so that’s what I do, when I am not doing stand-up or acting. I started out as a writer 20-some years ago and I still do that kind of stuff.”

Also, if you’re curious, Tom did not sign on for this movie to drive around fancy cars at fast speeds.

Tom declared, “I don’t get an erection like (Dax Shepard) does when I am driving.”

A little trivia: the van he drives in the movie was from the movie, The Town.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Reed/Open Road Films


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