Joy Bryant spills on making out with Hit & Run co-star Bradley Cooper

Joy Bryant truly loves all of her co-stars in Hit & Run but really couldn’t be happier with her on-screen love interest, Bradley Cooper.

Joy Bryant

It’s hard not to swoon over Bradley Cooper, and Joy Bryant is not immune to Cooper’s charm either.

“He’s a good kisser and he’s really funny and he’s really smart and he speaks fluent French,” Joy jokingly told SheKnows with a devilish smirk on her face.

Joy plays badass Neve Tatum, Cooper’s love interest, and writer, director and co-star Dax Shepard’s ex-flame in Hit & Run.


Joy also happens to be Shepard’s co-star in the NBC hit show, Parenthood.

Dax and Joy have gotten to know each other quite well, thanks to spending lots of time together on the set of their TV show.

Joy excitedly revealed, “Dax wrote (the character Neve Tatum) for me.”

Joy and Dax were not the only ones with playful chemistry that stemmed from knowing each other prior to filming.

“I do remember every setup, the whole atmosphere on the set, from the cast to the crew, was just awesome. Everyone was playing,” Joy recalls. “We were working but we were playing and we were having the best time doing this movie and working with our friend (Dax Shepard).”

While the set may have seemed to be all fun and games, in the end, the cast and crew truly respected Dax’s comedic writing, acting and directing ability.

“We all love and are so proud of (him) and support (him) tremendously and he was killing it,” Joy said.

Joy also enthusiastically mentioned, “We just started filming the fourth season of Parenthood, and it’s great and it will be really interesting to see where we go with (the story line) now that we are married with a baby.”

It is safe to say that Joy is nothing but thrilled with the outcome of Hit & Run, and with what the future holds for Parenthood.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she got to kiss Mr. Bradley Cooper.

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