Jennifer Grey: Dirty Dancing turns 25

Aug 21, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. ET

Dirty Dancing is one of those cult classics that defies time and space. As long as there are rectangles that we stare into for viewing pleasure, there will be Dirty Dancing and throngs of devoted fans who will watch it repeatedly. Here we catch up with Jennifer Grey to discuss her favorite Patrick Swayze moment, if she ever quotes the movie and what she wants back from her Dirty Dancing wardrobe…

Jennifer GreyKat: You partnered with Skinny Cow, and have been touring the country to promote the 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, so I want to visit with you mostly about that. Dirty Dancing fans want to know: What was your favorite scene to shoot from that movie?

Jennifer: It's kind of hard to pick because I was in every scene. Acting with Patrick was fantastic. Just doing the movie was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I think of the whole movie as being really challenging and really fun and laughing a lot.

Kat: What's your favorite Patrick Swayze memory?

Jennifer: That scene where he's putting his hands up my body — I was supposed to be sexy, and I was just laughing. And the more I laughed the more angry he got, and the more angry he got the more nervous I got. He was getting so frustrated because I couldn’t stop laughing.

Kat: Have you ever told your husband, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner?"

Jennifer: Uh. . . no, I think he would divorce me if I said that to him. And I wouldn’t blame him.

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Kat: Which piece of your Dirty Dancing wardrobe would you like to see come back into style?

Jennifer: I've always been a fan of the tied-up white shirt, and I actually designed those shorts.

Kat: I went on Facebook to see what folks wanted to ask you, and my friend Vince pointed out that Red Dawn has recently been remade. Rumors swirl from time to time about a Dirty Dancing remake, but that is always met with outrage by fans of the original. What do you think of a Dirty Dancing remake?

Jennifer: I know the remake is on hold for the moment, but I know when they do it, it will be amazing.

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Kat: If you were in charge of the remake, who would you want to play the role of Baby?

Jennifer: Oh, that's a really great question. There are so many amazing young actresses out there right now. Elle Fanning, like I want her to do everything. Rashida Jones, I love Rashida Jones. I think she could play Baby.

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