Uh oh: Lindsay Lohan questioned in Beverly Hills theft

Lindsay Lohan just wanted to have fun on Sunday night at an exclusive Beverly Hills house party. She ended up facing harsh questions from police after jewelry goes missing from the mansion.

Lindsay Lohan faces theft questions from police.

It seems Lindsay Lohan is never far from legal entanglements. Lohan was questioned by police on Sunday night after she attended an exclusive house party in Beverly Hills, California. TMZ reports Lindsay attended the bash with her brother, her assistant and two men. Lohan and her group partied all night but as she prepared to leave Monday afternoon the owner of the home noticed several expensive jewelry items were missing. According to TMZ, the owner requested all of his party guests to stay while he called police.

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Lohan was interviewed by police but she insisted she had nothing to do with the burglary. A source for TMZ says Lohan was concerned she was a suspect. TMZ writes, “The cops approached Lindsay and began asking questions. Lindsay then asked, ‘Am I a suspect?’ A cop answered. ‘No.’ Lindsay — who knows a thing or two about her legal rights — blew them off and left.”

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However, the two men Lohan brought to the party are suspects. TMZ says the owner of the Beverly Hills mansion told police he believes Lohan’s guests are responsible for the missing items.

Lohan has faced several legal issues over the past few years. She was even charged with misdemeanor theft in February 2011 and sentenced to 120 days in jail after a jewelry shop owner charged her with stealing a necklace.

Are you surprised Lindsay Lohan is involved in another theft case?

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