Hit & Run lovebirds talk real-life romance

Aug 23, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Writer and director Dax Shepard proves his relationship with actress Kristen Bell is no hit and run, while still copping to his undying love for cars.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

It would be odd if Dax Shepard didn't make us laugh or at least smirk. Luckily in Hit & Run, he is not the only one to cause multiple laughing spasms.

Dax and his cast of unpredictable characters, including Bradley Cooper and fiancee Kristen Bell, create a quirky dynamic that only accentuates an action-packed love story.

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Dax plays former getaway driver Charlie Bronson, who jeopardizes his identity in the Witness Protection Program to help his girlfriend get to Los Angeles for the job opportunity of a lifetime.

From racing through canyons to doing donuts in a deserted airfield, it may seem as though this couple has no limits to their relationship, but that isn't always the case.

When SheKnows asked if Kristen is allowed to drive his prized possession, "Lady Lincoln," she firmly stated "Nope," but continued with a rather rational explanation: "I don't want to because it's too big."

Dax interjected with a logical explanation as well.

"I don't carry her handbags. I don't wear her Louis Vuitton," he jokingly told SheKnows.

Kristen and "Lady Lincoln" do have a wonderful relationship though.

"I have respect for the females who are my alphas ahead of me and I love her. It is my sister wife. We have a great relationship, she is a little loud sometimes but I am fine playing a supporting role to her."

Despite her supporting role, it's quite evident that, in the film and in real life, Kristen and Dax are two turbochargers in a very powerful engine — or, in other words, completely in sync.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Reed / Open Road Films