The Odd Life of Timothy Green brings brothers to tears

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is for kids, but some kids can’t handle some of the storyline. Spoiler alert!

The Odd Life of Timothy Green brings brothers to tears

We all remember how horrifyingly sad it was when we watched Bambi for the first time. All we wanted to do was watch a cartoon and then Disney had to kill his mother.

We cried for days.

Thankfully, YouTube wasn’t around when we were tots. Otherwise, our parents probably would have publicly humiliated us like this couple did to their two boys. The family just left the theater after watching the “feel-good movie of the summer,” The Odd Life of Timothy Green — and let’s just say it wasn’t so feel-good after all.

Spoiler alert! Don’t continue reading if you plan to see the movie

“He had to die and I didn’t want him to,” one of the boys cried, referring to the death of the main character, Timothy Green.

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“But it was so sad. It was just so sad,” one of the boys continued. “I didn’t want him to!”

The boys’ mother told them death is just part of the “circle of life” as she tried to stifle her laughter. “Should people go and see this movie?” she asked.

“If you do, you will tear out your eyes,” one of the brothers said. “It’s so sad!”

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We love these little guys: They obviously have big, sympathetic hearts — and their genuine sadness brought tears to our eyes. Let’s hope they keep that empathy as they grow other.

As for their parents? Sure, it’s adorable and funny to see them melt down over a movie. But put it on the web? They should have kept this one at home for blackmail as the boys got older. The parents did one thing right, though: They disabled the comments on YouTube so trolls couldn’t comment on the video.

See the boys cry over The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Image courtesy of Disney Pictures

Do you think it was right for this couple to post the video during such an emotional moment?


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