Jenelle Evans: Nude pics and family betrayal

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is dealing with a bunch of problems this week: Her sister sold a story about her and an ex-friend leaked nude photos online.

Jenelle Evans nude pics leaked

We love to make comments on Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ constant legal troubles and bad decision-making — it’s pretty easy, given all the trouble she’s been in recently. However, seems like she doesn’t have one sincere person in her life — and that includes her own family.

It seems that Evans’ sister, Ashleigh, sold a story about her to a tabloid.

“I usually don’t talk or air out my personal family issues online but my sister has taken this too far,” Evans tweeted on Aug. 16. “She sold a story about me yesterday.”

No word on what it’s about, but we’ll assume it’s not good.

“MY OWN BLOOD FAMILY I can’t even trust!” she added. “This is so sad, even sadder my mother approves of my sister selling me out and doesnt care…”

If that wasn’t bad enough, her “friend” apparently tweeted more nude photos of her from her breast augmentation procedure earlier this year.

“Leave me the f**k alone, PLEASE. I hope u die. I’m so upset,” she wrote when she found out about the pictures.

It hasn’t been a good year for the mom of Jace: She got engaged to boyfriend Gary Head earlier this year, but broke it off when he assaulted her.

“Gary beat the s*** out of Jenelle,” her friend told RadarOnline after the late June incident. “He strangled her with a bed sheet.” Evans later took to Twitter to talk about the incident.

“I left [Head] becuz he was caught cheating. He did something to me that was physical and tramatizing. I’m just so grated [sic] jace wasn’t there,” she added.

We feel for her: With friends and family like this, who needs enemies?

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