Little Mermaid surgery ad “a lawsuit waiting to happen

A plastic surgery center in Venezuela is on the radar (and on the hot seat), thanks to an ad depicting Disney’s iconic mermaid transformed. Its many haters on the web contend the ad is sending the wrong message to young girls. But hasn’t Disney given its own legendary characters extreme makeovers?

Ariel plastic surgery ad

An ad for Venezuela’s Clinica Dempere features Ariel outswimming her nemesis, Ursula, in a desperate attempt to get to the plastic surgeon’s table to not only shed that cumbersome tail, but to get her lips plumped and her breasts enlarged along the way.

Though there is much speculation that Disney would never OK such a makeover, calling it a “lawsuit waiting to happen,” the Mouse’s company has drastically made over legendary characters on its own in recent months. How quickly we forget!

In fact, though the ad shows a plump Ursula, the sea witch was shrunk to unrecognizable proportions back in early July for the Disney Villains Designer collection. The update, just as with the ad, inspired a lot of angst from bloggers who called the villain’s transformation “evil.”

Ch-ch-changes: Extreme celebrity makeovers

There was similar angst on blogs and Twitter today.

“This Little Mermaid Surgery ad has ruined my childhood and my favorite princess!!! :'( #Why”

“This is pretty disgusting. Little girls actually look up to these cartoon characters. So, what they are saying is: ‘Hey, little girl, you are not good enough for this world with small normal boobs, so get big plastic ones and people will love you.” (via HuffPo blog).

Others suggested: “How in the world did they get away with this and not get sued?” and “TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT AT IT’S (sic) FINEST!”

Bachelorette’s Trista Sutter proud of plastic surgery

The ad reportedly was first discovered by BuzzFeed’s Copyranter on Ads of the, and is actually one of three ads that have surfaced — with another showing the Frog Prince and Wicked Witch going under the knife, accompanied by the tagline: “We make fairy tales come true.”

Image courtesy of Clinica Dempere


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