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Justin Bieber: Phish fan?

The singer and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, were spotted at the band’s Long Beach show last night. While he may not be a fan, the two reportedly had a great time.

Justin Bieber and Selena GomezJustin Bieber may actually be the last person in the world you would expect at a Phish concert. The jam band’s music couldn’t be further from Bieber’s pop music sensibilities.

But luckily for both, they have something in common. Or someone, anyway.

“Bieber apparently came at the behest of his music director and guitarist Dan Kanter,” said Spin magazine. “The latter is said to have wanted to bring the ‘Baby’ singer to a Phish show for the whole two years they’ve known each other and, now that Bieber is 18, he did just that.”

Bieber brought his girlfriend Selena Gomez along, and according to Spin, the couple was reportedly first spotted by the soundboard. They were later backstage with the band and were seen chatting with singer Trey Anastasio.

During the intermission, they were also spotted posing for pictures with the Phish crew as well as many of the Phish children (who are probably much more likely to know Bieber’s and/or Gomez’s work).

After intermission, Bieber and Gomez really got into the show and participated in Phish-fan bonding.

“Traditionally, a glowstick war breaks out at every Phish show,” said The Hollywood Reporter. “This one took place during the first two songs [of the second set], ‘Rock & Roll’ and ‘Ghost,’ according to witnesses who noted, ‘they were having a blast.'”

Bieber was wearing a tie-dyed shirt and a Philly Flyers hat, while Gomez looked more bohemian chic.

“Bieber and crew stayed put all through the first set (Phish typically plays two, each of which is long enough to qualify as its own show),” said The Hollywood Reporter. The couple then reportedly left midway through the second set.

Trey Anastasio will be releasing a solo album in October.

Bieber embarks on his own tour coming up in September to support his new album, Believe, which has been out for a little over a month.

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