Ke$ha wants you to know Lady Gaga letter is not from her

A letter circulating on the Internet today had Ke$ha calling out Lady Gaga for her pro-fur views. But Ke$ha assures everyone, it wasn’t from her.

Kesha did not write Lady GagaLady Gaga‘s love for fur is ruffling feathers all over, and today it appeared it was the feathers of fellow pop star Ke$ha.

Wednesday, a letter started circulating online that appeared to be from the singer to Lady Gaga through her record label. The letter was addressed to “Stefani Joanne Germanotta (Lady Gaga).” Buzzfeed obtained a copy of the letter.

“I am writing you this letter to express my concern of your recent adornment and advocation of fur,” said the letter. “As you know, I represent PETA as their Humane Society Global Ambassador.”

However, Thursday afternoon, Ke$ha tweeted that the letter did not come from her.

“Animals+ @ladygaga – jus woke up in Japan +heard that there’s a letter from ‘me’ floating around.well it’s a fake.not from u all xx”

The letter continues by telling Gaga that, since she is a role model to many, she should not be endorsing such a “cruel and inhumane practice.”

“As a fellow artist, I would like to express my distaste, and quite bluntly, disgust, at the fact that you, someone who is in the spotlight at a near constant basis, would endorse and display this kind of clothing,” said the letter. “I can not begin to explain the amount of torture, harm, and cruelty that is used when handling these animals that are ultimately killed for your pleasure.”

Lady Gaga recently launched her Born This Way Foundation, an organization to help teens and others feel good in their own skin. It also works to prevent bullying, especially in schools. The organization recently teamed up with Office Depot to promote the campaign.

The letter writer wanted to make this irony evident.

“I know that animal rights are more likely not at the top of your list of ‘Things to Work On,’ especially with your ‘Born This Way Foundation‘ taking off (which I congratulate you on),” the letter said. “But I would expect you to be a bit more sympathetic, especially since you are a huge force in the fashion world.”

The writer of the letter then added that “Ke$ha” would love to speak further with Lady Gaga on the topic and gave the number of PETA’s senior VP.

Lady Gaga is not shy about speaking out about causes she is passionate about, but the publicity she is getting for her pro-fur stance puts her on a side of an issue she is probably not used to.

You can read the full letter here.

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