Chris Brown wants Rihanna to STFU

Rihanna is still talking about the night Chris Brown beat the stuffing out of her three years ago — and he wants her to shut it. Is he just trying to sweep his violence under the rug?

Chris Brown

Wouldn’t it be nice for Chris Brown if Rihanna would stop talking about the night he punched her in the face and repeatedly slammed her hear against his car window? Then we might all forget it ever happened. She is still talking about that incident three years ago, though — and Brown is getting ticked.

Rihanna discussed the beating in a sit-down interview airing on Oprah’s Next Chapter on Sunday, and Brown — who she’s rumored to still be hooking up with from time to time — is peeved.

“Chris is just confused about Rihanna‘s decision to bring up the past again and again — this time in an interview with Oprah,” a source told RadarOnline. “Rihanna has previously given wide ranging interviews about the beating to Diane Sawyer and several print magazines. Chris just doesn’t think it’s productive or relevant to rehash the events since essentially nothing new is being revealed in the interview Rihanna has done with Oprah… he thinks that in order for them to both move forward and not be defined by that one night, it would be better to stop bringing it up.”

Rihanna told Oprah that she felt protective of him when the media initially turned against him. Brown’s career hasn’t suffered, however, and it seems neither has his relationship with Rihanna at the end of the day.

“Rihanna and Chris have spoken since she did her interview with Oprah,” the source said. “They have a very complicated and intense relationship even though Chris has a girlfriend. The fact is, Chris and Rihanna just can’t stay away from each other. There is a lot of love there — it’s definitely not a healthy situation for either one of them.”

Watch the complete interview with Rihanna on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Sunday, Aug. 19 at 9/8 Central.

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