Will Tom Cruise show up for Suri’s first day of school?

The big day for the 6-year-old is coming up in a few weeks. And both parents are committed to attending their daughter’s first day of school.

Suri Cruise starts school

A divorce can be a tough thing for any young child, but for Suri Cruise, this may be an understatement. Her parents, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, announced earlier this summer they would be divorcing. The news came just months before Cruise is set to start school for the first time.

Since the announcement, their daughter has been mostly living with mom but has spent many days with dad as well.

So the question is, who will accompany Suri to her first day of school?

“Tom has been filming his latest movie in London but has made plans to be in New York for Suri’s first day of school, which will be after Labor Day,” a source close to the former couple told RadarOnline. “Tom and Katie have been speaking on the telephone regarding Suri and Katie has been very supportive of Tom wanting to be there when Suri goes to her new school for the first time.”

Suri’s dad has showed support for his daughter and is making a point of being there for her on her big day.

“It’s a big moment in Suri’s life and Katie wants Tom to be a part of that,” said RadarOnline. “Of course, there will be security concerns and Tom doesn’t want to disrupt other parents and students at the school with his presence, which means he very well could slip in and out via a back entrance.”

Suri’s age may have well have played a big part in the timing of the split. RadarOnline said that Holmes always wanted her daughter to attend school but Cruise wanted her to be schooled by Scientology tutors, just as his children with actress Nicole Kidman were.

“Tom doesn’t like it, but he has reluctantly accepted this is the way it’s going to be and will absolutely be a big part of Suri’s life at school,” the source told RadarOnline. “Both Tom and Katie will take part in parent/teacher conferences and other school activities that Suri will become involved in.”

The divorce settlement happened swiftly, with Holmes reportedly gaining full custody of Suri.

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