Oprah's "aha moment" & 14 other newly minted words

Aug 15, 2012 at 8:40 p.m. ET

Oprah Winfrey's world-famous "aha moment" descriptor has made the 2012 dictionary cut! The phrase, along with a handful of other ways to get the point across, is on Merriam-Webster's list of new entries.

Oprah has an "aha moment"

Not sure exactly what Oprah Winfrey means when she says she's having an "aha moment"? Thanks to Merriam-Webster's 2012 dictionary update, you can now look it up. The television guru's favorite phrase has joined 14 other newly minted words and sayings as official entries.

According to the dictionary experts, an Oprah-style "aha moment" is defined as "a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension."

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"I always love those moments when I sit down to talk to somebody and they say something that makes me look at life or a situation in a completely different way," Oprah Winfrey explained in a video clip taped for Merriam-Webster. "And I say, 'Aha! I get it!' Light bulb! Bing, bing, bing moment. And the little hairs on your arm stand up. That is an aha moment."

Joining "aha moment" on the 2012 list of dictionary inductees are these 14 entries:

Merriam-Webster editor at large Peter Sokolowski explained of 2012's new entries, "Some of the new words this year provide colorful images. Terms like 'man cave,' 'underwater' (when used to describe mortgages), 'earworm,' and 'bucket list' paint vivid pictures in your mind. They show that English-speakers can be very creative as they describe the world around them."

Notably, the Oprah's Next Chapter creator is the only celebrity whose verbiage made the cut! That Oprah is a bona fide trendsetter (as if there was ever any doubt).

Are you pleased to see Oprah's "aha moment" phrase added to the dictionary?

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