Cee Lo Green joins Thursday Night Football

The singer has a new project in the works. But this time, he will need the help of a few million fans.

Cee Lo Green joins "Thursday Night Football"Cee Lo Green has joined the team at the NFL. The Voice coach will be taking the reins of the theme song, and according to Chris Talbott with the Associated Press, he will be doing things his own way.

“Rather than the traditional artist-centered pre-taped opener, the NFL and Green are inviting fans to submit videos of themselves singing along to the chorus of a song based on The Ramones‘ ‘Blitzkrieg Bop,'” said Talbott.

Green has never been known for doing things the normal way, and this will be no different. Starting with the September 13 game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, the fans can submit their videos.

“I think this brings a splash of color to a, you know, bland and black-and-white backdrop,” Green told Talbott. “And make it colorful and make it fun and make it young. Make it exciting and highly enthusiastic, you know what I’m saying?”

The NFL is excited about this opportunity. Green will attract a new generation and give these fans an opportunity to participate in the season.

“I don’t think sports has really taken a chance, especially broadcast sports hadn’t taken that opportunity to go beyond maybe just having a Facebook page or a Twitter page — ‘Hey, post a question here,'” Brian Lockhart, the NFL Network’s coordinating producer told Talbott. “We wanted to do something that went from broadcasting to fans and became more about engaging with fans.”

The new song, which will be called “I Love Football,” is especially exciting for Green because of his love for the Ramones.

“Punk rock is like pots and pans, like making something out of nothing, which is what hip-hop is as well,” he told Talbott. “And both of them early on in their humble beginnings were alternative music.”

But through it all, Green said he isn’t just the new voice of the theme song… he is also a fan. The Atlanta Falcons are his team, and he hopes to be a part of any success they might have this year.

Photo courtesy of Johnny Louis/WENN.com


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