Fans make fun of and his stolen car on Twitter

Fans are laughing over and his stolen car but can the Black Eyed Peas member take a joke?

Will-i-am and his stolen ride heat up twitter.

Is the victim of car theft? The Black Eyed Peas member claims his $700,000 ride went missing Monday night. His own publicist, Sallie Olmstead, originally said that’s car was not stolen, but basically called her a liar on Twitter and she retracted her story.

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TMZ caught up with on Monday as he left an exclusive party for his upcoming album release. told TMZ paparazzi his ride was “stolen” since the valet couldn’t find his car at the end of the night. When TMZ emailed’s rep, Sallie Olmstead, she wrote back and explicitly stated: “Everything is fine, he has his car.”

A furious took to Twitter to blast his publicist’s statement. He made several tweets about the missing car. “Where is my f****** car? This isn’t funny anymore” followed by “I’m going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and safe…” lends his voice to Oprah’s OWN Network >>

It seems the stolen car has turned into a bit of joke with fans sending in pictures of ugly cars with the hashtag “#wheresmycar” and responding with “#thatsnotmycar.” says he has yet to tell police about his missing ride because he feels the entire heist might be a prank. He tweeted last night, “Im not going to the police…spread the word via tweets in case I’m getting punk’d. I don’t want to waste tax dollars on pranks.” As of late last night, tweeted his last message about the stolen car. “According to my GARAGE it hasn’t been found #wheresmycar…”

Sallie Olmstead emailed TMZ this morning and explained her original answer — that’s car was not safe — was incorrect. “When I asked [Will’s] assistant yesterday morning she thought this had been resolved but was incorrect, hence I passed on incorrect information to you — apologies for this.”

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