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Jennifer Lawrence shines in House at the End of the Street

Exclusive images show Jennifer Lawrence in her new horror film House at the End of the Street, starring Max Thieriot and Elisabeth Shue.

House at the End of the Street

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence tries her hand at horror in the new spook flick House at the End of the Street. SheKnows brings you an exclusive first look at these images of the young actress in the horror thriller due to come out this fall.

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Max Thieriot

Lawrence plays Elissa, a young girl who moves with her mother into a new neighborhood after her parents divorce. Things seem picturesque and perfect at first: they find a quiet house in a cute neighborhood, and they’re ready to rebulid their lives. All is right in the world.

That’s exactly when — if you’re familiar with the dynamics of any horror film — things start to go terribly wrong. Muhahaha!

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And our Mockingjay Girl is there to solve the mystery — or so we hope. Rumors of a crime committed on the street years ago circulate as Elissa and her mother move into their new house.

As the story goes, a girl — think Lizzie Borden with a modern sensibility — killed her parents and then mysteriously disappeared. The only survivor left to tell the gruesome tale is the girl’s brother, Ryan. When Elissa starts an intense relationship with the shy survivor, things get even weirder.

Jennifer Lawrence

Turns out, Ryan has a secret of his own. Now, all our Hunger Games gal has to do is solve the mystery so she and her mother can get out of there alive.

Actor Max Thieriot of Jumper and The Pacifier fame plays Ryan in this sultry thriller about finding love and uncovering the truth. Elisabeth Shue (Hope Springs, Leaving Las Vegas) plays Lawrence’s mother, Sarah.

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House at the End of the Street creeps into theaters Sept. 21.

Photo credit: Relativity Media

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