Heather Graham’s got another Hangover

Heather Graham is getting back on the pole. The actress will reprise her role as Jade, the stripper with a heart of gold, in The Hangover Part III. After skipping out on the first sequel, she’s finally back with the Wolf Pack.

Heather Graham

Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis are back for another round of debauchery. This fall, they’ll begin production on the new sequel, The Hangover Part III.

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In the previous film, The Hangover Part II, most of the original cast returned. But Heather Graham‘s Jade the stripper was nowhere to be found.

Whatever happened to her? According to The Hollywood Reporter, we’ll finally find out because Graham’s set to reprise her role in Part III.

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Jade was an integral part of Helm’s storyline in the first Hangover. After a drunken night of partying, they eloped and she left her crying baby in his closet. The whirlwind marriage was a big misunderstanding and by the end of the film, it was over.

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Their “love story” was left open-ended as they’d grown to genuinely like each other. It seemed as if their relationship would be explored in Part II, but it never happened. The story was scrapped in favor of his engagement with a new character played by Jamie Chung.

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Now that Graham’s back for The Hangover Part III, does that mean Jade will get a second chance at love? And what’s that baby up to these days? Inquiring minds want to know.

Scene stealer Ken Jeong, who played Mr. Chow in the first two films, is also set to return.

Are you ready for more Jade in The Hangover Part III?

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