Parents of man who died in crash sue Ryan Dunn’s estate

The parents of Zachary Hartwell are suing Ryan Dunn’s estate a little more than a year after the friends died in a gruesome crash.

The Buzz – Ryan Dunn’s Estate Being Sued by Passenger’s Parents
Ryan Dunn’s estate is being sued for the death of Zachary Hartwell, who was a passenger in Dunn’s car when he crashed it over a year ago.

George and Erma Hartwell are seeking “unspecified” damages to pay for expenses associated with their 30-year-old son’s funeral, as well as wages Zach would have earned during his lifetime.

The wrongful death suit, filed against Jackass star Ryan Dunn’s estate, was first reported earlier this week by Courthouse News Service.

Dunn was behind the wheel when he slammed the Porsche, which also carried Hartwell,  into a tree June 2011.

The car burst into flames near an exit just 100 yards from the house where Hartwell lived in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Police, by way of the Associated Press, say Dunn was going as fast as 140 mph and had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

The Hartwells are also suing the bar that allegedly continued to serve the 34-year-old MTV star even after he was visibly drunk.

The manager of Barnaby’s West Chester told Philly affiliate NBC10 that Dunn left the bar around 2 a.m. and didn’t look drunk at the time.

Police claim the accident happened around an hour later, after Dunn’s car careened over a guardrail.

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