Ben Affleck bit by the superhero bug again?

Warner Bros. wants Ben Affleck back in the superhero fold. The studio’s eyeing him for their biggest comic book movie yet — The Justice League. The actor-turned-director could bring the DC characters to the big screen.

Ben Affleck In 2003, Ben Affleck played the title role in Daredevil, the feature adaptation of the Marvel comic. It didn’t blow away fans or critics causing him to step away from the genre.

It’s been nine years since, and Affleck’s career has taken a turn. He’s begun working behind the camera and has made a name for himself as a director. He earned critical praise for the dramas Gone Baby Gone and The Town. And he is expected to dazzle again with this fall’s Argo.

Affleck’s on a roll and Warner Bros. has taken notice. The studio is looking for someone to handle their superhero team-up movie, Justice League. They already hired Will Beall to write the screenplay. They just need a director to bring it to life.

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According to Variety, Affleck is the only candidate who’s been sent Beall’s script. Next to Christopher Nolan, he’s one of the few directors Warner Bros. trusts with the property. After wrapping up The Dark Knight trilogy, Nolan made it clear that he’s out of the superhero game. With the exception of his executive producer credit on Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises was his swan song.

If Affleck directs Justice League, he’ll be heavily involved with its development. The amount of preparation for the film would dampen his plans for other movies. He’s already been offered a starring role in Greg Berlanti’s thriller Replay, and he’s up to direct Stephen King’s The Stand.

So many choices, not enough time! Justice League will likely hit theaters summer 2015.

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