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Joan Rivers cuffs herself to Costco shopping cart in protest

USA Today notes the cameras were conveniently rolling when Joan Rivers chained herself to a Costco shopping cart. The big-mouthed comic claims the chain known for its big, family-sized products banned her new book.

The Buzz – Joan Rivers Protests Costco and Handcuffs Herself to Shopping Cart
Joan Rivers is known for expressing her opinion, and she did that and more on Tuesday at Costco, when she handcuffed herself to a shopping cart and protested the ban of her book.

With a megaphone in hand, Joan Rivers staged the protest/publicity stunt at a Costco in Burbank, California, Tuesday.

The 79-year-old Fashion Police host claims the chain banned I Hate Everything … Starting With Me because of “several racy jokes on the back cover.”

We’re all sure Costco has never carried a book with racy jokes before (roll eyes here).

Rivers went on to bellow from the megaphone, while apparently handcuffed to a customer’s shopping cart: “Costco should not be like Nazi Germany.

“Next thing they’ll be burning the Bible.”

By way of the Associated Press, Rivers went on a rant that only the sharp-tongued red carpet queen can deliver: “Costco, who sells condoms by the pallet, who sells Paula Deen books and — which is not good for their customers’ health — they decided to ban my book. This is a First Amendment violation.

“This is a store that sells 300 rolls of toilet paper at the same time, and I say any customer that buys 300 rolls of toilet paper deserves a funny book to sit on the toilet and read.”

ABC News took a decidedly more serious approach to the subject.

Apparently, Rivers is insisting Costco really did ban the books over two jokes in particular — involving Marie Antoinette and Wilt Chamberlain.

She told its affiliate KABC-TV that the ban “is very frightening and it is truly about the First Amendment.”

“This is America and I don’t want to see censorship,” she said.

As of Wednesday morning, Costco had not issued a response.

While police were called to the store when Rivers refused to leave, no arrests were made, nor was the star and crew ticketed.

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