The Bourne Legacy movie review: The spy who I wish loved me

It’s no secret there’s no Jason Bourne in this latest installment of the Bourne franchise. But you won’t catch SheKnows crying over Matt Damon. Mega-hottie Jeremy Renner hits the ground running Usain Bolt-style and there’s no going back.

The Bourne Legacy Renner and Weisz

With Jason Bourne on the loose, high-strung CIA manager Byer (Edward Norton) learns that his chemically addled spy program has been infected. His plan is to destruct all the agents-in-training, but only one narrowly escapes in a drone attack gone awry in the Alaskan wilderness. This man is Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), who with the help of his chems he calls “yellows” and “blues”, unleashes nearly superhuman strength when he takes down a ferocious wolf with his bare hands. Wow!

Once Cross realizes he’s being hunted by Byer, he teams up with CIA scientist Dr. Shearing  (Rachel Weisz), who’s also a target.

The Bourne Legacy Renner

But Cross, or “Five” as the scientists know him, is out of chems and needs to get his hands on more ASAP. In an exciting departure from the U.S., Shearing takes him to the only place in the world where they may be able to get some of the highly secret chems:  the Philippines.

But the story in The Bourne Legacy isn’t the reason to see the film. The truth is, Renner and Weisz have an intense chemistry that is spellbinding. Being such great actors, they are both able to fill in character gaps the mediocre script leaves open. A glance between these two or a mere touch says so much more than words.

The Bourne Legacy motorcycle

The action is hot, highly suspenseful and will have your blood pumping especially in the motorcycle chase scene. At one point, the entire audience expelled a collective, “OH!”

Bottom line:  If you and your man are up for some intense action without having to work out your brains, you’ll love this movie. And as a special bonus, Jeremy Renner has munificent musculature that will have you daydreaming on the car ride home.

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